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The Cleng Peerson Lodge is celebrating 38 years of service and fellowship in October 2011

                        Officers 2011-13

  • President                                 Richard Gunderson 
  • Vice President                         Scott Blackley
  • Counselor                                Jerry Johnson 
  • Secretary Connie Kross
  • Asst’ secretary                         Eleanor Finley
  • Membership secretary              Orion Carlson
  • Treasurer                                  Linda Anderson
  • Marshall                                   Jerry Johnson, Scott Blakeley
  • Greeter                                    Carole Johnson
  • Cultural Director                       Sonja Gromm
  • Asst. Cultural Director              Norma Anderson
  • Social Director                         Charlene Seville  
  • Asst. Social Director                Betty Todd
  • Sunshine Director                     Sheila Gunderson
  • Trustees                                   Howard Eltrevoog, Warren Milam
  • Publicity Director                     Dave Johnson
  • Song Leader                            Gordon Carls
  • Photographer                           Jan Burns, Orion Carlson
  • Musician                                  Orion Carlson
  • Historian                                  Gert Milam
  • Editor                                      Chloris Carlson
  • Auditors                                  Jerry Johnson, Eleanor Finley, 
  • Phyllis Benson
  • School Coordinator Robert Borschenius