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Cleng Peerson Lodge - Sons of Norway
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February 18, 2007                                                       Regular meeting


President Jerry Johnson opened the meeting with roll call.  There were 17 officers present and 11 officers absent.  Minutes of the last meeting, December 16, 2006, February 2&18, 2007 were not available but the treasurer’s report was.

Treasurer’s report:

12-31-06 Bank Balance…………$928.50

01-07 and 02-07 income………...$211.31

01-07 and 02-07 expense………..$258.52

02-17-07 bank balance…………..$881.29

Motion to accept the treasurer report subject to audit was made by Carol Johnson seconded by Orion Carlson.


The meeting started with a statement of purpose spoken by our President Jerry Johnson followed by the National Anthem in English and in Norwegian.  Jerry finished by leading the members with the Pledge of Allegiance.


The following old business was reviewed.  Six dozen cookies were brought in.  They are for the 2007 Barne Birke Show and Rich will bring the cookies to the location tomorrow morning.  We need all members to submit their volunteer work hours.  They need to be recorded on the Lodge of Penn form and sent in by March 1. 


The new business follows.  We have several new members.  They are the Blakely’s, Scott, Zach and Emily.  All members welcomed them and Jerry read The Norwegian Creed for their orientation.


Marion Marshall and Doris Stohl have just past away.  Jerry asked all members present to stand.  He read a condolence card from Lincoln land Lodge and a card given by Sheryl Hall.


A discussion of Marion Marshall’s donation from our lodge follows.  Florence Eltravoog received $50.00 in cash. Orion suggests we send it into the National Heritage Fund and increase it using our 50/50 drawings.  Howard suggested a plaque be purchased and displayed in the museum.  A painting in honor of Mary was also suggested.  Carol recommends we wait until next month when more members are present.  More discussion takes place.  Finally, a motion to send the $50.00 cash into the National Heritage Fund and use the $250.00 from the 50/50 drawings to increase it in honor of Marion was made by Orion and seconded by Florence Eltravoog.   Motion carried.


Jerry passed to each member a copy of the organizations jewelry to show all the jewelry offered.  We need a chairman and if we participate, our lodge, Jerry says, gets 25% back and the jewelry would make get birthday or anniversary presents.







At our next meeting, Jerry said we will set up our committees for our 35th Anniversary Dinner which will be our October meeting and a committee for our Smorgasbord Dinner which will be for our November meeting.


Membership and Secretarial Counselor votes are needed on the floor.  Wayne Borschenius agreed to take our secretarial counselor position and Orion Carlson agreed to take the Membership counselor position.   Motion to approve position was made by Warren Milan and seconded by Charlene.


Next, Jerry presented a pin and read an award letter to Sonja Gromm for taking a language course, through the Cultural Skills Test.    Jerry finished presentation by saying all kinds of skills test can be taken.


No other new business was presented, but Jerry asks Orion if he would contact Polar Star Lodge to see if they have anyone attending the Stouten, WI festival.  Orion says 15 members of Polar Star Lodge are attending and how many from this lodge are attending.  Jerry retold members what and when the festival is and asks for a show of hands of members attending.  15 hands were shown.  Orion says we need enough people to attend and if we don’t get it we need a May meeting.  He replied we will send out a letter and a card and get an idea of how many people will attend.


Now, without further ado, our WCMY morning radio program host, Ottawa High School Cheer Leader Coach and Red Cross Volunteer, Karen Rhodes.  She will speak of her positions and the event of last year, the Louisiana Hurricane, “Katrina” and will follow by a slide show. 


Following the presentation and DVD show, the 50/50 Raffles were drawn.  The winners were Richard Gunderson and our new member.  Next, the table prize drawings were drawn and its winners were David Johnson, Katelynn Johnson, Susie Johnson, Sonja Gromm, Eleanor Finley and our new member.


The coffee and lunch were ready and the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

Maureen Johnson, Secretary